Welcome to our guests-only spa

Precious moments of relaxation

The spa is the complement we sought to provide our guests with unique moments of relaxation. We have prepared and exclusive room for you, throughoutly designed to provide a feeling of tranquility and comfort with complete privacy. Walk the streets as if on the clouds after a relaxing massage, feeling completely renewed! *Merely illustrative images. Massages are performed individually.

          30-Minute massage options

Foot Reflexology: The technique stimulates points on the feet by means of sliding and pressure for extreme relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

Energizing massage (half body): This technique uses dynamic sliding movements. It is indicated for people who are feeling tired, adding vitality to the body.

Shantala (for children between 6 months and 10 years old): Shantala helps to reduce anxiety, tension and hyperactivity.


          50-Minute massages and treatments

Shiatsu:  An ancient Chinese-inspired technique that uses deep pressure on the meridians of the body, guided by the acupuncture points. Shiatsu aims at the balance of each individual’s organism.

Massage for Expecting Mothers: therapeutic massage used during pregnancy to help reduce stress and promote general well-being. The massage is indicated from 12 weeks (3 months) of pregnancy and greatly relieves the discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, headaches, stiff neck, leg cramps and swelling.


Relaxing massage with essential oils (full body) : This technique uses slow sliding movements, both superficial and deep. Combined with essential oils, the massage causes the feeling of comfort and well-being. 

*Merely illustrative image. Massages are performed individually.

Massage with candles:  Body massage complemented with seductive aromatic candles. This is a delightful option, in which the thermal effect helps deep relaxation and skin hydration.

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Hot Stone Massage: The experience is extremely comforting and relaxing. The heat of the stones, allied to the best massage techniques, fosters deep and restoring relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage: This is a massage technique that employs light, slow, and relaxing pressure following the trajectory of the lymphatic system. The technique is ideal to reduce swelling and detox the organism.

Fall in love with Socorro!

It’s up to you: lots of adventure and fun, or good old peace and tranquility.

Socorro offers options for every type of adventure-seeker.

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The place is incredible, cozy, clean, breakfast is served in your own chalet; the pool and hot tub are wonderful.

Access is fast and easy.

Luiz Fernando on Google

  Our guests said...
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The chalet is great!

It is the perfect place to enjoy Socorro and rest afterwards.

The location is good: it is close to the city and to the attractions.

The hot tub is so good... Breakfast is customized to each guest, it is served in your chalet, and it is really good... They also offer a massage session upon booking, which is a must! Not to mention it is pet friendly.

We have been well served by everyone, and Ana Luiza put together a travel itinerary that was absolutely fantastic.

We recommend it!

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It is a great choice for a weekend or holiday.

The pool and hot tub are excellent.

The staff is very helpful and polite.

Breakfast is good.

I highly recommend the relaxing massage.

Good cost-benefit.

Good touristic attractions nearby.

I loved it!

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