Poll, Hot Tub, Spa and Organic Orchard

tranquility and fresh air

Our Zen Area was designed to bring comfort and tranquility. You’ll find comfort on the hammock of your private balcony overlooking the mountains, in the whirlpool, hot tub, and relaxing bungalows.

You’ll find tranquility in the bird’s singing, by watching the cattle in the pasture or the toucans and parrots flying over your chalet; on a walk across our organic orchard filled with tropical fruits; on the noise of the wind passing through the trees; and on the starry nights.

Mineral water pool and whirlpool

The pool overlooks the green mountains of Socorro, from where you enjoy the light breeze.

Enjoy the serenity of the landscape from inside the whirlpool.

Hot tub

Enjoy our hot tub with warm mineral water and ozone purifier.

One bath is worth a real health treatment!

Relax your body and soul while contemplating nature.

Relax in Our Bungalows

Our leisure area has charming and comfortable bungalows that inspire you to read a good book or just enjoy a
well-deserved rest.


Organic Orchard

The fruit in our organic orchard are seasonal, which means that on the right fruiting period, the fruits at are our guests’ disposal.

We have jabuticaba, tangerine, lime, avocado, pomegranate, pitanga berry, açai, mango, and coconut.

Sala de Massagem

We have a space dedicated to massages and exclusive therapeutic treatments. Book a session and feel completely renewed.

Fall in love with Socorro!

It’s up to you: lots of adventure and fun, or good old peace and tranquility.

Socorro offers options for every type of adventure-seeker.

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Excellent stay!

Everything is new and very practical, the chalet is fully equipped; we had a small child with us, and it was very easy.

The pool is delicious and so is the hot tub -- it is clear that the details are very well taken care of.

Breakfast is served on the balcony, there are many options and the portions are generous.

It was delicious!

The staff was very kind and helpful, great job!

Cristina Sacremento on Google

   Our guests said...
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An excellent place at a great location, near all of the adventure parks.

Excellent reception, service, and staff support.

They’re all very polite, no exceptions.

Breakfast is served on the balcony of your room at the time scheduled, which gives a touch of charm to the inn.

I’ll definitely recommend Chalés Santa Catarina.

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Excellent service, the chalets and the structure are very good, accessible, impeccable reception for us and out pet.

I loved it, we’ll return soon.

Thank you

Paulinha Sampaio on Google